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Felt Christmas Tree

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Gift Your Children Diy Felt Christmas Tree and Introduce Them With Holiday Rituals!

Are you looking for a creative & educative toy for your kids? So, why not DIY Felt Christmas Tree? Kids can quickly build the Christmas tree with full freedom! 

  • Best Kids Christmas tree set. Every kid and toddler can decorate it.
  • Perfect Christmas gifts for kids. Christmas toys for toddler girl, toddler boy and children.

Instead of using a glue stick to attach these DIY Christmas ornaments to the xmas trees you will use the hooks and loops on the felt tree. The hooks stick to the loops and the objects are stuck together so that the felling of decorative DIY Christmas tree ornaments can be prevented and allow the children pull them off the tree easily.

  • Heavy Duty Hook is given as a gift. It will help you hang the 3 ft Christmas tree more easily. Clean surface with rubbing alcohol. Press hook firmly to ceramic, glass, stainless steel surface or door (except for painted walls) from the center outward for 10 seconds to get rid of any bubbles.

  • When you open the pack of Christmas tree decorations and ornaments then you can find a folded felt tree which can be converted into a perfect Christmas felt tree for the auspicious occasion of Christmas just by using iron. The 3 ft DIY felt Christmas trees will be ready to hang on the door or the wall within few minutes.