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Easy-To-Use Shape Contour Gauge Duplicator

$25.95 $49.95


Our Easy-To-Use Shape Contour Gauge Duplicator allows for instant duplication of any shape!

This contour gauge allows for the easy transfer of corners and contours precisely. Measure any shape, even irregular items to create an instant template for marking precise cuts.

Copying profiles and duplicating intricate shapes has never been easier!

Our tool is great for copying shapes to tile, laminate, engineered wood, solid wood**,** and vinyl flooring to accurately cut flooring to match the surroundings.


  • Easy To Use Design: Use our contour gauge to locate profiles or edges and precisely transfer shapes to the material to be cut. To use, simply press the tooth against the object to match the contour and trace the shape!
  • Wide Application: Use for winding pipes, circular frames, ducts, and many other objects! Great for fitting tiles, laminate, carpet, checking dimensions, molding, etc. It can even be used in the carpentry and automotive industry!
  • High Quality & Portable: Made from durable resin material that is resistant to corrosion and cracking. Very easy to transport due to its lightweight design


  • Material: ABS
  • Measuring range: 0 - 120 mm
  • Scope: 0 - 120 mm
  • Size: 14.6 x 10.5 cm